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Sculptor with over 30 years of hardcore industry experience.

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The invigorating intellectual fitness so typical of achieving a Doctorate (in Psychological Anthropology, Rand Afrikaans University), the unfolding magic of exploring troubled human relations amongst employees on gold mines (Chamber of Mines’ Human Resources Laboratory), the sheer delight of working closely with various artists in TV camera production teams (SABC, Manager: Educational TV and Radio Programmes), the sobering realization of humanity’s common predicament (offering inter-personal awareness programmes across cultural and racial boundaries) … all this has made a profound imprint on my ultimate destiny to sculpt for the sake of beauty.


Depicting the majesty of creation through bird and animal sculptures will always be of relevance to me, but the human body offers far greater challenges. One can “cheat” with an extra feather here or there or with the coat of an antelope, but do this with a human body and it shows immediately… that is, if you sculpt in a realistic, classical fashion like I do.


To capture the fine nuances of emotion, comportment and muscles, whether in action or resting, is like listening to an aria sung by Rolando Villazon, reciting a poem by Uys Krige or dancing to a tune of the Parlotones. It is exhilarating … it feeds the soul. My ultimate goal is sharing this passion with others. It is gratifying to see someone identifying with one of my sculptures, or passing existential comments on the themes they depict. When this happens, I feel I have contributed to beauty.


In a literal sense, my biggest attempt thus far, to beautify life was to design and sculpt a scale model and then build and decorate Flycatcher Castle (in Graskop, Mpumalanga, Republic of South Africa), along European-classical lines. Through this castle I could face incredible challenges to body, soul, spirit and mind and reach the mountain top. It has been a once-in-a-life privilege. I don’t think it is humanly possible to do another project like this in the same life. However, I would love to explore other themes, such as an ultra modern mirror, steel and glass-only, natural crystal-type construction with extreme modern-cosy interiors, lots of air and light.